For a more personable and one-on-one connection with the animals, contact us to plan your tour. Based on your purpose, interest, and questions, we can accommodate to make sure your tour meets your needs making this a true and genuine experience! Tours are by APPOINTMENT ONLY .  


PLEASE READ: There is a $20 (Twenty Dollars) Non-Refundable Donation Deposit for all tours to be confirmed. Deposits can be made via: 

Venmo: @FarmAngelsSanctuary


PayPal: paypalme/farmangelssanctuary

CashApp: $farmangelssanctuary

Check: Farm Angels Sanctuary

The tour will not be confirmed until the donation deposit has been received. 

The remaining balance plus any other donation may be made on the day of the tour.

NOTE: If you must cancel or do not show for your scheduled tour for any reason, your deposit donation is non-refundable/non-transferable, and will be considered a donation to the sanctuary. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

Why should you plan a tour to Farm Angels Sanctuary?

Personalized Experience

Whether you want to get educated on the biology of the farm angels or just love petting and being surrounded by farm angels, we will ensure your experience meets your needs and expectations. 

Farm Angel Stories

The story behind each of the farm angels is unique. You'll learn more about their unique stories while being able to personally connect with them and see their personalities.  These stories are often heartbreaking and thought provoking, but they always end with amazing rescue tales!

Supporting a Good Cause

When booking a tour at Farm Angels Sanctuary, you're helping support our cause and mission in saving more farm animals while still providing care for the current farm angels. One hundred percent of the donations from your tour goes straight back to the farm angel's medical care, food, and enrichment.

Beyond the Tour: Getting Involved

Just because your tour will end, it doesn't mean your opportunity to get involved and support of live saving mission and cause. Getting the personal experience and education from your tour can be the beginning of your journey whether it's through volunteering, donating, or just by sharing our info!

Things to Consider When Planning Your Tour

Dress Appropriately

Wear comfortable pants/shorts, shirt, and closed footwear that you won't mind getting dirty. The farm angels are very friendly and most aren't shy to welcome you to the sanctuary.

Leave your jewelry, especially loose and dangly earrings and accessories, at home. 

Recommend keeping your hair up in a bun. Some of the farm angels may mistake pony tails or long hair for rope toys. 

For safety purposes, entry will NOT be allowed for those with flip flops or attire that is not fit for volunteer work or a visit to the farm sanctuary.

Interested in a Tour?

Please use the "Tour Request" form below to submit the date/time you are interested in touring. A staff member will contact you shortly to confirm availability for your requested date/time.

 Visits are typically an informal/non structured approach where members can build a personal relationship with the farm angels and ask questions at their leisure. Tours have the structured approach and typically have a knowledge/educational agenda behind them such as animal education, what day to day operations consists of at the sanctuary, or any other situation where the majority of the information is compiled and then provided during your time at Farm Angel Sanctuary. 

To ensure your visit or tour runs smoothly, we highly encourage members to complete the "Accident Waiver and Release of Liability" form prior to their scheduled date/time. The form as well as completion instructions can be found after the "Tour Request" section.

Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form

To ensure your visit or tour runs smoothly, we highly encourage members to complete the "Accident Waiver and Release of Liability" form prior to their scheduled visit or tour


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