Animal Surrenders

Giving up your animal(s) doesn't mean your unfit to be owner and requires a tremendous amount of courage and strength. Whether it's due to financial, housing, owner's health or any other issues, please know your animal(s) can be provided a safe, loving forever home here at Farm Angels Sanctuary. Animal surrender acceptance is case by case with an animal surrender fee based upon condition, health, and any other special needs so please ensure to contact us by filling the forms below!

Why Surrender Your Animals to Farm Angels Sanctuary

Animal surrenders can be very an emotional and heart-breaking experience. It's never an easy decision and may feel like you're in a helpless situation. We understand that and have the experience as well as an authentic empathy to make yours go as smoothly as possible. We will help you to the best of our ability by carefully walking you through the process step by step based upon yours and your animals specific situation.

In an effort to further ease the process, we can also provide the opportunity for visits if you're still in the local area and if interested. If you're no longer in the local area due to a move, don't worry. We can still send you updates, photos, and videos via email or text!

We are committed to what's best for the owner and their animal(s), so please be sure to contact us!

Interested or Needing to Rehome Your Animal?

Please use the "Animal Surrender Contact" form below to submit information regarding your animal, situation/circumstances, and any other pertinent details such as known medical issues to better assist you. A staff member will contact you shortly to confirm potential in-take of your animal. Please note that there is a surrender donation per animal surrendered to the sanctuary. The donation goes towards their life-long care. Further details about the surrender donation can be discussed with the owner once the Animal Surrender Contact Form is submitted. 

Once your appointment is confirmed, we highly encourage members to complete "Animal Surrender" form and the "Accident Waiver and Release of Liability" form (if applicable) prior to their scheduled appointment. Both forms as well as completion instructions can be found after the "Animal Surrender Contact" section.

Animal Surrender Form

Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form

Rehoming your animal can be a very stressful and/or emotional experience. To help alleviate some stress/emotion of the surrender process, we highly encourage members to complete the "Animal Surrender" form prior to their scheduled appointment.  This allows you to maximize time with your animal without any interruptions. If you're interested in seeing the future forever home, the "Accident Waiver and Release of Liability" form is required and encourage members to complete prior to their appointment as well


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